Oxford EVO Hot Grips Adventure - V9 Thermister Switch


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Oxford heated grips with 5 temperature levels, smart thermistor and auto shut-off.

Motorcycle grips for scooter handlebars with a diameter of 22 mm, perfect for not getting cold and enjoying your route in winter.

The Oxford EVO Adventure EL420 heated grips, with V.9 heat controller, offer 5 heat levels. The temperature selector is Integra into a separate switch for easy discreet installation on your bike.

The pattern of the heating component more evenly distributes heat across the grip to the entire driver's hand.

When the motorcycle is turned on, the controller will provide maximum power to the grips so that they reach the programmed temperature, so the time it takes to achieve this is now shorter. The smart thermistor will then regulate the flow of electricity to keep the grips at a constant temperature.

If the grips are connected to the motorcycle's ignition, the switch will remember the last programmed setting and activate it.